SPSMA was formed in 1994 teaching traditional Taekwondo, Martial arts has rapidly evolved over the years, with it now being widely agreed that training in one martial art can be limited. At SPSMA we pride ourselves on staying on top of the game, thats why our childrens martial arts syllabus we take the best parts from many different styles of martial art including Taekwondo Kick, Boxing punches Judo throws, Ju Jit Su locks, Etc. We also strive to maintain the old traditional values of discipline, self control and respect. This is all taught in a safe and fun environment that children truly love.

A typical Childrens Martial Arts session will vary depending on the knowledge level of the class, whether a grading is approaching, and the needs and requirements of the students, but may consist of the following:

  • Light warm up and joint movement exercises
  • Stretching
  • Fitness and conditioning exercises (sit-ups, press-ups etc.)
  • Traditional technique practice (linework)
  • Self defence techniques - Grab escapes etc.
  • Padwork/bagwork or Partner work
  • Agility Games
  • Anti Bullying Techniques
  • Sparring (optional)
  • Warm down and stretch